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Hull Area Calculations for Coating

Weekly Dry Dock Tips & Hints: Hull Area Calculations for Coating

-Verify the hull surface areas before entering them in your DD spec. Just having them listed in previous dry dock specs or paint supplier reports doesn't mean that they are correct.

-The best method to determine the surface values is an engineering calculation on a CAD software with the help of 1:1 scale 'Shell Expansion' drawing. Auto CAD will do It easily for you.

-Should you be unable to access to CAD programs, using automated online calculators could be another option. A lot of paint providers & engineering companies are offering free hull area calculators. A quick googling would help.

-At last, do not forget all things about hull blasting & coating turn out to be a commercial activity at some point. You will need to use some good negotiating skills with the contractor even If your surface calculations are perfectly done. Unfortunately, technology has yet to offer a magical tool to use to determine how many percent of the surface has been blasted or touched-up.

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